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New Kennedy Photograph on Exhibit!

(Faneuil Hall. AHAC. Boston, MA 12 January 2014). Photograph of President John F. Kennedy interview in AHAC Armory unveiled 13 January. Photograph appeared in Boston Globe 23 November 2012 edition. Photograph shows AHAC Member John F. Kennedy, sitting for an interview in Faneuil Hall before the final speech of his campaign, in which he was elected the following day to the Presidency of the United States.

Now on Display:

John F. Kennedy display and NEW PHOTOGRAPH.

Major George H. Maynard MOH: portriat, uniform, Medal of Honor

General PGT Beauregard saddle

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Washington Crossing Delaware

General Washington crossed the Delaware River on Christmas Night, 1776. His objective was the Hessian Camp in Trenton, New Jersey. The painting shows Glover's Regiment of Marblehead (MA), rowing the soldiers across the river.

Why on Christmas Night? Because the enlistment of all militias under his command would expire on January 1st. Note the flag. It is called the Continental Flag. The stars and stripes did not become the official flag until June 1777.

Lexington/Concord Fight

Lexington Green, early morning on Wednesday, the 19th of April, 1775. Seventy-seven Lexington militiamen faced 400 British regulars. Here happened "The Shot Heard 'Round The World." In a very short time, seven militiamen were dead, Eight others wounded and one British soldier wounded. The British marched away to Concord but the War of Independence had begun.

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