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Elected and Appointed Committees The following are elected by the Company: Trustees of the Permanent Fund (5 members). Finance Committee (5 members). Military Museum and Library Committee (5 members). All members of these committees serve a term of five years. All elected members maintain their positions from a direct vote of the body of the Company. There are also committees whose members are by appointment by the Captain Commanding.

Elected Committees:

Museum & Library Committee
The mission of the museum and library committee is to collect, preserve and interpret such military artifacts and literature that relate to the Ancients and Honorable Artillery Company for present and future generations.

Finance Committee
The committee examines all the accounts of the Company, engages a public accountant to examine the accounts, and has a full CPA audit completed every five years or when a new Paymaster is elected.

Trustees of the Permanent Fund
The mission of the Permanent Fund committee is to manage Permanent Funds of the Company. To decide upon areas in which to invest these funds in order to obtain the best possible return of “unearned income” to the Company, without placing the Corpus of the fund in any particular jeopardy. Annually, these earnings are paid over to the Paymaster by the Trustees, and are applied directly to payment of the Company’s budgeted expenses as projected by the Finance Committee.

Appointed Committees:

Military Support Committee
The mission of the MSC is to coordinate activities of the AHAC with the commanders of military agencies/commands/installations and other appropriate military officers in Massachusetts. Such commands/installations include: TAG MA; Cdr, Natick Labs; Cdr Air Force Electronic Systems Command; Commander, Hanscom AFB; Cdr, Ft Devens; Captain, USS Constitution; Commander, 1st Coast Guard District; appropriate commanders, USAR, USNR, USMCR, ROTC units; Secretary of the Army Civilian Aide and foreign military services and attaches. Such activities would typically include participation of commanders at AHAC events; coordinating service/base events with AHAC participation; joint ceremonies. MSC could also provide appropriate level of AHASC support to services to recognize individual servicemen and women. AHAC coordinates with the services for June Day, Toys for Tots, ship commissioning, graduations, change of command, Paul Revere bowls for ROTC cadets. MSC will be the action-coordinating agency for the Captain Commanding for short-term events and ceremonies. MSC provides sound military advice to Captain Commanding for actions involving uniforms, insignia, awards, heraldic items and other military-related actions.

Recruitment & Retention Committee
It's the mission of the Recuitment and Retention Committee to recruit qualified men and women with an interest in military history, patriotism, and in keeping the spirit of those who have served and sacrificed on our behalf throughout the history of our Nation and Commonwealth. And to retain our new members through outreach programs and new member orientation, so they may better understand the importance of this commemorative Company and continue its traditions and commitment.

Protocol Committee
The mission of this committee is to ensure that proper protocol is observed all all military functions especially at ceremonies, parades, dinners and other assemblies. A yearly flexible protocol plan is made that includes proper staffing.

Membership Committee
This committee personally interviews candidates for membership, questions references and investigates character and qualifications of applicants. It votes to decide upon candidate eligibility for consideration by the Company.

Anniversary Committee
This committee makes a detailed statement of estimated costs for the June Day Anniversary which is provided to the Finance Committee.

London Committee
Maintaing our close relationship with the Honorable Artillery Company of London is the focus of this committee. The founder of the AHAC was a member of the HAC of London. (read more about Robert Keayne) This group develops plans for official visits to the HAC in the United Kingdom.

Advisory Committee
Candidates for some positions in the company are advised by this committee. Especially important are to review with these candidates their time and commitment for the position or office to which they wish to be elected.